Revitalizing the online vehicle shopping experience.

While working at Mirum agency, I was fortunate to be one of the lead creatives on the Mazda redesign team. Focusing on supporting the customer, we identified Mazdas three core principles—premium, real and ownable. The new creative direction brings these principles to the forefront.

  • Creatives: Miles Cartwright, Chad Palmer, Junior Rivera, John Schrei
  • UX: Eric Ruloda
  • ECD: Paul Drohan
Our goal was to create a simple, supportive user interface so intuitive that it practically seems invisible, letting the automobile brand’s bold imagery take the center stage while utilizing subtle animations and intuitive navigation cues to enhance the user experience.


In Japan, outstanding craftsman are called "Takumi". Mazda developed three short-form documentaries, which will be part of a collection of longer-form films that more deeply depict what makes Mazda, the craftsman behind the company, and the vehicles it develops so unique. I created a landing page for this experience.