Lytx Driver App


Native Mobile App


Senior Product Designer




Mark Decker / John Schrei


Empower drivers and help them improve by allowing them to quickly review distracted or unsafe driving with little or no manager intervention.

Transparent access to performance data

The app gives drivers 24/7 secure access to video playback of their driving performance and details about speed and location. Video clips are captured based on behaviors observed by Lytx DriveCam event recorder and can include speed violations, unsafe following distances, cell phone use, seat belt use, and incomplete stops. Drivers can also track their behavior frequency and duration to understand true levels of risk and focus on the improvements that matter most.

Real-time trend tracking

Drivers can access performance trends over a 90 day period, giving them the ability to track their progress and zero in on new risks as they occur. This visibility gives drivers the crucial information they need to drive long-term change and help them correct risky behaviors for good.

Route forecasting gives drivers visibility on traffic, weather and other risky areas on their route.