Bringing surprise and delight to taxes.

I worked alongside the award-winning XD team at Intuit, becoming an Innovation Catalyst and studying the Design for Delight methodology.

Led by Mehgan Cartlidge

Keeping the user focused on one task at a time.

We used empathy and personalization throughout the design process to create a prescriptive flow that focuses the user’s attention on one task at a time.

The options that a user selects in the onboarding are used to automatically populate fields and give a more familiar and friendlier experience later on in the app. We found that these little details reduced friction and made the whole experience feel very cohesive.

Finish and file

One of my projects was to re-imagine the finish and file portion of the filing process. In order to break up a long workflow into more digestible sections we utilized a step-by-step approach along with animation and helpful copy to set clear expectations for what’s ahead in the users journey.

We created a simple animated victory message to help users internalize a sense of accomplishment. By encouraging users to share their accomplishment via social media, we generated ownable moments for Turbo Tax while bringing interest to the product.

Ownable Moments